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We do not credit check, getting a quote will not affect your credit rating.

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Need Money Now? - What You Need To Know Before Getting A Loan!

Are you going through financial problems right now? Do you need money now? Depending on your credit history, borrowing a quick loan might seem stressful and next to impossible. Money Pig completely understands how difficult that can be, especially when your bills are piling up. Therefore, to help you through these tough times, Money Pig brings you an assortment of quick loans. So, if you need money now, then we make sure that you find a lender willing to advance you a loan right away.

With so many direct lenders ready to offer short term and long term loan options, finding the right one can be tricky. Especially, when you are in a hurry and need money now. Therefore, through a wide network of direct lenders, Money Pig offers you a one-stop solution for all your financial needs.

Our network of hand-picked lenders are highly reputed and hold the necessary licenses and permits to offer financial services in the UK. Further, our Experts pull out loan offers that best serve your needs. So, despite the little time that you can dedicate towards evaluating offers, you will still be able to pick the most profitable loan option. If you are wondering how we make this possible, then read further to find answers to that and all other questions connected to our loan approval process. If you still have any questions that you seek answers for, then drop us an email and we will revert to the earliest.

Need Money Now? Find out how we can help| FAQs

  1. How can Money Pig help me if I need money now?
  2. Do you lend loans to those who need money now?
  3. What loan options do you have for those who need money now?
  4. If I need money now, what options do I have?
  5. How do you run a credit check if I need money now?
  6. I have a bad credit score, but I need money now. Can Money Pig help?
  7. How do I send in my loan application if I need money now?
  8. Do you charge higher interest for those who need money now?
  9. What precautions should I take if I need money now?
  10. How much can I borrow if I need money now?
  11. How soon can Money Pig sanction my loan?
  12. Is a payday loan right option for me if I need money now?
  13. Can I rely on your student loan if I need money now?

need money now

Money Pig is a financial intermediary, that offers you the convenience to interact with several direct lenders, through a single window. Our direct lenders are a great alternative to the traditional banks in the UK, which have lengthy loan approval procedures. Also, when you approach direct lenders on your own, the process consumes a lot of time. After all, you need to find a direct lender, make sure that the lender is FCA licensed and a legitimate lender. Next, you need to check how much that direct lender is willing to offer you and evaluate the eligibility criteria. Wouldn’t it be nice if someone else would do all of this for you since you need the money now? Well, that’s exactly what we do for our customers.

So, if you need money now and are unable to make the right decision, then applying through us can connect you to multiple lenders and may help you get the right offer. As doing this all by yourself may not be possible due to the time constraint, we design our financial solutions accordingly and help speed up the process. So, if you are in an emergency situation with very little time, then Money Pig would be happy to help you connect with the most suitable lenders. We do this by analyzing your loan application and sending it over to the right lenders. By right lenders, we mean those direct lenders who would be willing to approve your loan based on your requirements and background. As all our direct lenders are licensed, legitimate, and highly reputable, our services effectively help you through this time-restricted phase.

Do you lend loans to those who need money now?

No, Money Pig does not lend any type of loans, instead, we facilitate the loan by taking into account the loan seeker’s requirements and the lender’s terms. Yes, Money Pig facilitates loans to those who need money now, through one of its same-day loans. So, if you need to borrow one, then our experts would be glad to help you through the process. To begin with, we connect you to an FCA licensed direct lender, who is most likely to sanction your loan. So, depending on how much time you have, our experts would make quick recommendations for you. If your requirement is smaller, then we help you borrow a payday loan or cash advance loan.

Also, the day on which you require the money plays a critical role in how efficiently we can help you. For those who need money on a weekend or public holiday, the options would be limited. That is mainly because some of our direct lenders do not lend loans on weekends and public holidays. Other factors that influence our ability to process your loans immediately is your credit score. If you have a bad credit score and need money now, then you know how difficult it is to get one from a bank in the UK. Especially, when your credit score is low, so Money Pig partners up with flexible direct lenders who have a high reputation, but not very rigid requirements.

What loan options do you have for those who need money now?

If you need money now, then you are probably stuck in a very unpleasant situation and are hoping for some quick relief. In such cases, we recommend that you choose one of our short term loans, which are released on the same day. We provide such quick loans by tying up with direct lenders that are willing to enter into such an arrangement with us, for the benefit of our clients. By minimizing the formalities involved in processing such loans, we speed up the process.

Money Pig categorizes such quick loans — the ones that we process quickly with minimal formalities as same day loans and releases them on the same day. We also have same day loans for those with bad credit, but you need to specifically mention that in your loan application. Some of your same day loan options include cash advance loans, payday loans, student loans, and other short term loans. All of these loans are processed on a priority and approved quickly because we understand that our customers need money now, and we are eager to help. Unlike banks, which have traditional loan approval and loan processing procedures, Money Pig’s direct lenders are faster. This ensures that you have the loan amount credited to your UK bank account within minutes.

If I need money now, what options do I have?

For those who need money now, we offer a whole bunch of short term loan options under the category of same day loans. Our same day loans help make things easier for those going through a tough phase but need money now to deal with exigencies. Our same day loans include options such as short-term loans for students, payday loans and cash advance loans. As these loans are processed quickly, you need not wait. So, depending on which one suits your requirements, you may apply for one of these loans.

However, before you apply for any of these loans, you must know that we are an intermediary and do not offer the loans ourselves. Instead, we connect you with direct lenders from within our network that we believe would advance you a loan almost immediately. With our approval rates as high as over 92%, you can be sure that applying to us would definitely provide you with some relief. As you need money now, we consider it our duty to facilitate that as soon as possible.

How do you run a credit check if I need money now?

To begin with, we would like to clarify that no lender in the UK can legitimately advance loans without running at least a quick credit check. The FCA regulates all the financial service providers such as banks, direct lenders, etc… and it is important for them to follow FCA’s guidelines, which requires lenders to run credit checks before advancing any type of loan.

Moreover, every direct lender has a unique set of requirements, and depending on your requirement and background, they may or may not approve your loan. Since our Experts are fully aware of your requirements as well as those of our lenders, we help accelerate the loan approval process by connecting those who are most likely to strike a profitable deal. Also, Money Pig ensures that each of its direct lenders makes use of soft credit checks, which helps speed up the process.

I have a bad credit score, but I need money now. Can Money Pig help?

Of course, we provide financial assistance to those who come from all walks of life, and with diverse credit histories. We completely understand how complicated credit scores can be, especially with so many people unaware of how credit scores work. For example, a loan rejection can lower your credit score, and if you already have a bad credit history then you do not want it to get worse. This could very well happen if the banks or direct lenders that you approach, reject your loan application.

So, if you have a bad credit score but need money now, then we would definitely be able to help you. At Money Pig, we partner-up with direct lenders that follow a modern approach when it comes to loan approvals. So, all of our direct lenders focus on your present and not your past. So, if you have a low credit score and have been turned down by the banks, then no worries. We think differently and so do our direct lenders. In fact, to help those with poor credit scores, we have exclusive short term loans designed for them. Some of them include cash advance loans for bad credit, payday loans for bad credit, installment loans for bad credit and several others.

How do I send in my loan application if I need money now?

If you need money now, then navigate to our loan application section and fill in the necessary details. Based on the particulars that you furnish, we will help you get a loan as quickly as possible. To help us serve you better, we urge you to fill in correct and true details. Once we receive an application, we do all that it takes to process your loan within minutes.

We bring you the best offers from our direct lenders and you can choose the one that appears most convenient for you. However, while doing that, do read the loan agreement carefully with special emphasis on important clauses such as auto-renewal, late payment, and non-payment clauses. Once you are completely satisfied with the proposal made by our direct lender, you may then accept it. However, you are under no obligation to accept the offer made by our direct lenders and are free to reject it.




Do you charge higher interest for those who need money now?

If you need money now, then you would be applying for one of our short term same day loans. As all short term loans are unsecured loans that are advanced for a shorter period, it is quite normal for lenders to charge higher APRs.

The exact interest rates would vary from one lender to another and is decided on the basis of your credit score, repayment capability, and certain other factors. If you have a steady job and a decent credit score, then the interest rates are comparatively lower. However, those with a bad credit history would be charged a higher rate of interest.

What precautions should I take if I need money now?

Often, those who need money on very short notice, tend to make the wrong decisions. They fall into a financial trap and end up in debt that they cannot get out of. Therefore, if you need money now, you need to closely evaluate the lender and also his proposal. You must make it a point to transact only with legitimate lenders and confirm their legality by looking up for them in the FCA Register. All direct lenders that we partner-up with are licensed and we confirm that to help you save time.

Again, there are several direct lenders who advertise ‘instant loans’ and if you need money now, then you are likely to come in contact with such lenders. However, you must know that ‘get cash within minutes’ does not mean that you would get the money as soon as you put in your application for a loan. The “minutes” would only begin after your loan is approved, and that sure requires time depending on who you are transacting with. So, if you are stuck in an emergency situation, then don’t fall for such offers. Instead, make a mention of your urgency in the loan application that you fill and submit to us. Our Experts work all through the week to help you and connect you with the right potential lenders.

How much can I borrow if I need money now?

If you need money now, then you are stuck in an awful situation and need some quick relief. To relieve you of your financial pressures, Money Pig advances short term loans that can be released on the same day. However, since these are advanced without too many formalities, our direct lenders only offer same day loans for amounts between £50 and £5000.

So, if you need money now then you would be able to borrow more if you transact through one of our direct lenders. On the other hand, if you choose to borrow from a bank, then you can be sure that banks won’t sanction higher amounts on the same day. This only gets worse if you have a bad credit score, which makes it even more complicated to have your loan approved by a bank.

However, we must warn you that you would be offered higher interest rates if you need money now. Therefore, unless you are stuck in an emergency, we recommend that you apply for our other short term loans. Doing this relieves you from the stress of paying higher APRs, which are generally charged on loans that are processed on the same day. However, if that seems impractical and you cannot avoid it entirely, then we recommend that you limit your borrowing even if you qualify for a bigger loan amount.

How soon can Money Pig sanction my loan?

Money Pig can sanction your loan on the same day, so if you need money now, then be quick to put in your loan application to us. As we offer a 100% no-obligation quote and bring you the best deals in the industry, there is no reason for you to think twice. Our Experts would be happy to connect you with those willing to offer loans that perfectly match your profile and requirements.

Also, you don’t have to worry about a dip in your credit score due to loan rejection. Since Money Pig is not a direct lender, our rejection does not lower your credit score. Although not a direct lender, Money Pig does something that is even more important — we connect you with lenders who would lend you money as early as you need it. So, always make a mention in your loan application about how soon you want a loan, whether it is in a couple of hours, a day or a week, we can definitely find a lender willing to advance it.

Is a payday loan the right option for me, if I need money now?

Before you start looking for loans, you must quickly evaluate your situation and figure out if you are indeed stuck in an emergency situation. There are times when people borrow impulsively and head for a vacation. So, if you are trying to get a quick loan for recreation purposes, then avoid doing so. Payday loans come with very high-interest rates and although we would do our best to get you one that isn’t too expensive, you must know that the very nature of payday loans is such that these must be restricted to emergencies only. If you have made the decision and need to borrow a payday loan, then we offer the most competitive interest rates in the industry. Also, you and the concerned direct lender would have the flexibility to mutually decide the terms and conditions of the loan.

Can I rely on your student loan if I need money now?

Money Pig’s short term loans for students can provide great relief to students who need money now. As this loan is processed on the same day, you don’t have to worry about waiting longer. Also, there are absolutely no restrictions on the purposes for which you can utilize this loan amount. So, if you are a student and wish to pay for a sudden repair, then you can do that.

However, to qualify for our short term loan for students, you must have completed 18 years of age and must be a UK citizen. Also, you must hold a UK bank account in which you can receive the loan amount. Apart from those mandatory requirements, it is desirable that you have a steady source of income through part-time or remote employment. Unless our direct lenders are sure of your ability to repay the loan, they may be reluctant to advance the same.