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We do not credit check, getting a quote will not affect your credit rating.

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Instant Loans - How Fast Can You Secure A Loan?

Are you in the need of an instant loan? if the answer is affirmative, then you are in the right place. Money Pig offers several short term loans that require minimal formalities and can be of great use during emergencies. We understand how helpless you feel when you need the money but do not have anyone willing to advance you a loan. During such times, we stand by you and provide you with the necessary financial assistance.

As some of our loans are approved and sanctioned immediately, we categorize them under the instant loan category. To secure Money Pig's instant loans, you do not have to personally walk into our offices or interact with any of the direct lenders, through personal meetings.

We do our best to keep the formalities involved in sanctioning these types of loans, as low as possible. Therefore, all applications are carried out online and our instant loans are transferred straight into your bank account. So, if you are stuck in a panicky situation, then we won't make it worse for you. Our financial services are designed to make the entire process as convenient and fast as possible.

Instant Loans | FAQs

  1. What are instant loans?
  2. Does Money Pig offer instant loans?
  3. Do I have to pay Money Pig a fee for instant loans?
  4. What are the types of instant loans that you offer?
  5. Do you offer Payday loans?
  6. What is the procedure to apply to Money Pig’s instant loans?
  7. How soon can I receive funds through an instant loan?
  8. Does Money Pig offer instant loans to those with bad credit?
  9. Are instant loans legitimate?
  10. Do I need to have a full-time job to qualify for an instant loan?
  11. Can I borrow an instant loan without a guarantor?
  12. How much interest rate do you charge on instant loans?
  13. How should I repay instant loans?
  14. Are instant loans safe?
  15. Can I borrow an instant loan on a weekend?
  16. Why did you decline my application for an instant loan?

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What are instant loans?

Money Pig’s instant loans are short-term unsecured loans that provide a quick solution to your financial problems. We know that when you truly need someone to borrow from, people turn you down or ask you to wait indefinitely. We do neither and offer you a quick response with absolute clarity on our lending decision. Money Pig believes in holding your hand and walking you through the financial problems that you have been facing, through its instant loans.

With just a single application, we connect you to several direct lenders eager to offer you a loan within a few hours. Once you let us know how much you wish to borrow, we will revert back with proposals from our direct lenders. As we collect all the required information from you through our online application, you need not go through the grind of lengthy discussions over the phone. The whole idea is to speed up the process, by minimizing the procedural formalities and limiting it only to the mandatory requirements that bind our direct lenders.

So, once you submit your application for instant loans, then depending on your background, we would recommend one that is the most appropriate for you. To sum it up, instant loans are fast loans, which are advanced for a shorter period. The lending decision on this type of loan is delivered almost immediately to you and upon your acceptance of our quote, our direct lender takes over. You then enter into an online agreement with the lender, and after executing the same, the funds are released into your UK bank account within minutes.

Does Money Pig offer instant loans?

Money Pig mediates instant loans between you and its network of direct lenders. So, we act as an intermediary that connects you with the right lender. Once both the parties reach a consensus, we are out of the picture. As you may have deduced, we are not into the business of direct lending, and therefore we do not advance your instant loans ourselves. Instead, we process your instant loan applications and put them through the right direct lender. The fact that we are not a direct lender ourselves, works to your benefit in many ways.

That’s because we are not bound by the rules which govern direct lenders, requiring them to run credit checks. Since we are not obligated to run credit checks, you can be sure that your credit scores won’t be adversely affected throughout the instant loan application assessment process. Also, once we approve your application for instant loans and connect you with a direct lender, there are very few chances of rejection by the concerned direct lender. In most cases, this only happens when you give us incorrect details in your instant loan application. So, to eliminate the chances of a loan rejection by our direct lenders, we advise you to furnish true and correct details in your loan application.

As laid down by the FCA, our direct lenders would have to run a credit check on you before advancing the loan. To eliminate the possibility of a loan rejection lowering your credit score at this stage, we partner-up only with those direct lenders, that are willing to run soft credit checks. This type of credit check lets the direct lender see your financial details, just as you do. So, it is particularly useful to those whose financial details have been wrongly reported to the credit reference agencies.

Do I have to pay Money Pig a fee for instant loans?

No, you do not have to pay us or any of our staff members any fee to process your loan application. This priority service is made available to all applicants that apply for our instant loans. If you come across anyone claiming to be from Money Pig and demanding a fee to process your loan, then it is a scammer and not us. We will never charge you a loan processing fee or any other type of fee and you can be sure of it.

What are the types of instant loans that you offer?

Money Pig offers good credit and bad credit instant loans, which can be grouped into payday loans, student loans, and other short term credits. These loans are usually advanced for smaller loan amounts for a maximum period of 36 months. As the borrower can only borrow up to £5000, our direct lenders do not require you to have a guarantor. However, it is imperative that the borrower is a UK citizen who has completed 18 years of age and has a UK bank account. If you are in full-time employment or have a steady source of income, you may apply for our Payday loans, which is the most popular type of instant loan offered by us. We line up the most reputed direct lenders willing to offer you higher loan amounts than most banks can offer.

Moreover, we offer payday loans to those with all types of credit scores, which you cannot expect a bank to do. Most banks in the UK, blindly reject loan applications from individuals with a low credit score, without taking into account the reasons for it. However, there is no reason to worry about your credit history when you are applying with us. Depending on your credit history, you may apply for our payday loans or bad credit payday loans. Regardless of which one you choose, we do our best to offer you the most competitive interest rates.

In certain cases, we also offer payday loans to those with a steady part-time or remote employment. We know that there are ample opportunities to work from home and earn a decent income, so if you work from home and receive a steady income from it, then our lenders should have no problems lending you a payday loan. In case you do not have a steady part-time income and are pursuing your full-time education on the side, then we encourage you to apply for our short term loans for students. This is yet another type of instant loan that we offer.

What is the procedure to apply to Money Pig’s instant loans?

If you are looking for instant loans, then you are probably in the middle of a situation that needs more of your time and attention. So, you would be left with very little or no time to interact with multiple lenders. We completely understand this and help you connect with several leading direct lenders in the UK through a single application for instant loans, which you can submit through our website. It would take you only a couple of minutes to fill in and submit our application and you are done. At this point, we take over the process and evaluate your application for an instant loan, as soon as we receive it.

Next, you’ll hear from us when we pull out a profitable offer for you. To find one, we evaluate your application and after taking into account factors such as your credit history, requested loan amount, age, etc… Based on that, we pull out the best offers for you and send you a no-obligation quote. Once you agree to move forward, then it is between you and the direct lender. As an intermediary, our job is over once we connect you to the right lender. As you may have realized, this process does take quite a bit of time and effort, but still, we make it a point to offer this completely free of cost.

How soon can I receive funds through an instant loan?

You may have come across several advertisements claiming to release funds within minutes. However, none of that works, because prior to releasing any loan in the UK, the lender is supposed to carry out a credit check. Now how the lender speeds up this process, is up to the lender but as far as we are concerned, we accelerate the process by teaming up with direct lenders that close the deal after a soft credit check, which requires very little time.

Once you are through the soft credit check, the funds are released into your UK bank account through online money transfer. By eliminating lengthy personal interactions and verification procedures, we process our instant loans, much faster than others. However, we avoid making tall claims because this process would require at least a couple of hours, depending on the number of applications received by us. Nonetheless, we do all that we can to process it as early as possible.

Do you offer Payday loans?

Yes, Money Pig offers payday loans at competitive interest rates. As this loan is processed almost instantly, it falls under the category of instant loans. However, the interest rates charged on payday loans are usually high, but when you compare our offer with that of your bank, you would know the difference. Our goal is to connect you with lenders who offer low interest rates on payday loans, as compared to the rest.

Also, we partner up with lenders willing to advance payday loans to those with all types of credit scores. So, if you have an average or low credit score, then you are going to greatly benefit by borrowing a payday loan from our direct lenders. Unlike your bank, we do not require you to have a perfect credit score. We have a more humane approach towards this as we understand the challenges involved in being on top of your finances.

Does Money Pig offer instant loans to those with bad credit?

Yes, we do offer instant loans to those with bad credit because we assess your suitability for a loan, on your ability to repay it. So, if you have an extremely low credit score, but can repay your loan without any delays, then our direct lenders don’t mind overlooking your credit history. We know the problems most people face when it comes to maintaining high credit scores.

So, if you are worried about your loan being rejected due to a previously delayed repayment, then relax. Money Pig and its lenders do not mind overseeing that and doing business with you. However, our direct lender would run a credit check on you, before lending any type of loan. They do this solely because it is a mandatory requirement laid down by the FCA.

However, we keep things convenient for you by ensuring that the direct lender runs only a soft credit check. This fulfills the mandatory obligation that our direct lenders are bound by and also protects you from the aftereffects of loan rejection. However, once we put you through one of our direct lenders, there are very few chances of loan rejection.

Are instant loans legitimate?

All instant loans offered by Money Pig are legitimate and fully comply with the existing laws and regulations. To make the loan approval process faster, we join hands only with highly reputable direct lenders, who are licensed by the FCA. Although it is a fact that we work out strategies to lower the loan approval formalities, we do so within the legal framework. So, you can be sure of doing business with legitimate direct lenders. However, we encourage you to read the loan agreement carefully before accepting its terms and conditions.

Do I need to have a full-time job to qualify for an instant loan?

You need to have a steady source of income in order to qualify for our instant loans. This does not require you to be in full-time employment. Our lenders should have no problems advancing you an instant loan if you are in a stable remote job or a part-time job and receive payments through a UK bank account. With so many remote opportunities and self-employment opportunities available, we follow a modern approach and evaluate your loan requests based on cash inflow. So, unlike the traditional banks and credit agencies, we do not require you to have a full-time job, in order to qualify for our instant loans.

Can I borrow an instant loan without a guarantor?

Yes, you can borrow our instant loans without a guarantor, and this facility is also available to those with low credit scores. However, we would encourage you to clearly mention in the loan application that you would not be able to furnish a guarantor. Once we receive your application with a mention of that, we make it a point to pull out offers that do not require a guarantor.

How much interest rate do you charge on instant loans?

The interest rate charged on our instant loans varies depending on which loan you qualify for. If you are eligible for a payday loan with a bad credit score, then you pay higher interest rates as compared to those with good credit scores. Again, those availing our short term loans for students, usually pay lesser interest rates as compared to those who borrow payday loans. However, regardless of which loan you choose to borrow from us, our direct lenders would definitely offer you the most competitive interest rates for that type of loan, as compared to others in the UK.

How should I repay instant loans?

Instant loans refer to short-term loans that are typically borrowed for a period ranging between 3 and 36 months. We advise you to borrow our instant loans for the shortest time period possible, as that allows you to keep your interest rates low. Also, we advise you to repay the loan promptly without any delays or defaults. However, at this stage, we would not be involved in the process and you would have to make the necessary repayments to the concerned direct lender. Also, you must avoid agreeing to auto-renewals as that may result in higher interest rates.

Are instant loans safe?

Instant loans are not 100% safe, because these are transferred online. Although Money Pig and its network of direct lenders do their best to protect your best interests, we must admit that no online transaction is 100 percent safe. Since most of the communication is exchanged online and also the money is transferred directly to your account, the risk involved is the same as it is when you purchase something through an online store. However, Money Pig’s website runs on HTTPS which encrypts all communication between the server and client. We also follow all other requirements put forth by the GDPR, PCI DSS, and others.

Can I borrow an instant loan on a weekend?

Yes, you can borrow an instant loan from some of our direct lenders on weekends. However, your options would be limited only to those direct lenders who operate on weekends. Again, there is every possibility that you may not get as good a deal as you may be able to get on a weekday. However, if you are in a situation that cannot wait until Monday, then we would be glad to offer you our existing loan offers. Our sole mission is to offer financial assistance to those combatting financial adversities, and if that happens on a weekend, then we’ll have your loan sanctioned right then.

Why did you decline my application for an instant loan?

We apologize for not being able to serve you at the moment. However, you are one of the very few applicants that our Experts had to reject. This could have happened due to a number of reasons, which include rejection due to insufficient information in the loan application, or due to ineligibility to apply for a loan. As we have mentioned earlier, our direct lenders advance loans only to UK citizens, who have completed 18 years of age. Please note that our loan application rejection will not hurt your credit score in any manner, because we are not a direct lender.