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Easy Loans - Looking For An Easy Loan? Read This First!

We all wish for quick and easy solutions to our problems — a reason why easy loans are so popular in the UK. This is a new breed of loan that mostly consists of short-term loans that require minimal formalities. Given the high demand for easy loans, most direct lenders in the UK now offer this facility, but when you really need one, finding a reliable and licensed direct lender becomes a problem.

Once you locate direct lenders willing to offer easy loans, you again need to confirm your eligibility and their terms before applying to each of them, individually. With this, the ease is gone, and you are left with just the convenience of receiving the funds online. To overcome these problems, Money Pig has collaborated with some of the best direct lenders across the UK and offers you a single window through which you can apply for easy loans. Since we partner up with multiple direct lenders, you don’t have to apply to various lenders individually. Instead, all you need to do is submit an application to us, and we’ll put you through those who are most likely to approve your loans, it's that easy!

All our direct lenders process your payments without personal interaction such as meetings or lengthy phone calls. This helps save time and can be of great use during emergencies. Also, it is a convenient option for those who are in full-time jobs with very little time for paperwork. As our easy loans do not require any paperwork to be done, you do not have to visit our direct lenders or follow up on their requirements. As an intermediary, Money Pig is fully aware of the difficulties faced by people from various quarters of life when it comes to borrowing a loan. Therefore, we bring you easy loans that are quickly processed and transferred into the borrower's account, usually on the same day.

Easy loans offered by Money Pig | FAQs

  1. Does Money Pig offer easy loans?
  2. What are the types of easy loans that Money Pig offers?
  3. How can I apply for Money Pig’s easy loans?
  4. How easy is it to apply for Money Pig’s easy loans?
  5. How does Money Pig process easy loans?
  6. Can I get a no credit check easy loan from Money Pig?
  7. Can I get an easy loan with a bad credit score?
  8. How easy is it to get one of your easy loans with bad credit?
  9. Can I borrow an easy loan on the same day of applying for it?
  10. Is online transfer of the loan amount safe?
  11. Is easy loan legal in the UK?
  12. Can I get a long term easy loan?
  13. Can I borrow an easy loan to pay for a vacation?
  14. What are the benefits of getting an easy loan from Money Pig?
  15. What happens in case of non-payment of easy loans?

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Is It Easy To Get A Loan In 2022?

If you have landed on this article because you are looking for help with information on how you can get an “easy loan”, we wanted to give you some more help and make sure that you get a loan that will work for you that will help you with the money that you need but without putting undue financial stress on yourself.

The good news is that even in 2022, with all of the changes looming you can indeed get an easy loan. In fact, here at Money Pig you can go straight through and apply to get a quick and instant decision, we will compare some of the best loans and rates that we can find, and you will also be able to see whether you can borrow the amount that you need straightaway.

The main thing to remember if you are looking for an easy loan is that although you can still apply and get a decision fairly quickly, it is very important to do your homework.

The main areas that you will want to look at in 2022:

We will give you a quick overview here and then we will be writing more content around these areas updated for 2022.

Loan Type:

The first thing that you will want to know is the loan type, you can find information on our site here at Money Pig that will help you. Different loan types include:

Payday loans - As the name suggests these are short-term cash flow loans, designed to be paid back as soon as you receive your wage.

Installment Loans:

There loans as the name suggests are normally paid back in instalments, they are also normally short-term loans over less than twelve months.

Debt Consolidation Loans:

This is where you borrow the full amount of your debt and then payback the money that you have borrowed with a more manageable monthly payment, this means that if you have a lot of debt from different places you can tidy everything up and just owe one loan amount.

Short Term Loans:

These are very similar to payday loans and can have different rates, the beauty of these types of loans is that you will find that they are very easy to secure in most cases. The other thing that you will find about them is that the interest rate tends to be higher because you are borrowing money over a shorter period.


Make sure that you do some reading up on the type of loan that you need, the other thing that you will want to look at is the exact amount that you will want to borrow. When you apply for a loan, make sure that you have all of the details in front of you that will let you know exactly how much you are paying back and that will give you the information that you need. This is very important otherwise what you can find is that you may end up with financial stress.

As long as you are getting a loan that you can afford, that is necessary and that you get the right type of loan you should be fine, and you can indeed get an easy loan in 2022.

Does Money Pig offer easy loans?

Money Pig facilitates easy loans but does not lend it to you. Before you transact through Money Pig, you must understand that we are not a direct lender or financial institution. Instead, we are an intermediary that introduces you to a wide network of reputed direct lenders through a single platform. So, depending on your requirement, you can choose one of our loans and we will connect you to various direct lenders willing to offer you that particular type of loan. Among the various categories of loans that we offer, there is a unique category referred to as ‘Easy Loans’. According to our internal protocols, when you apply for an easy loan then we connect you only to those direct lenders who would be willing to offer you an easy loan.

What are the types of easy loans that Money Pig offers?

Money Pig’s easy loans refer to short term loans that are sanctioned quickly by our direct lenders. As a responsible intermediary, Money Pig offers several short-term and long-term loans. However, the ease of borrowing these loans largely depends on your credit scores and your current income streams. Some of the quick and easy loans that we offer include payday loans, cash advance loans, short term loans for students, and other short-term borrowings. We do our best to ensure that the formalities involved in the approval of these loans are minimized with all due respect to the FCA guidelines and other rules and regulations that govern the financial services industry in the UK.

How can I apply for Money Pig’s easy loans?

To apply for Money Pig’s easy loans, you need to fill in an online application and submit that to us. In this application, we collect the relevant information required to assess your eligibility for our easy loans. Once we receive the necessary details from your end, we immediately compare it with the requirements laid down by each of our direct lenders. We do this with great care and caution to ensure that your loan application isn’t rejected.

Next, we evaluate various direct lenders and their offerings to find you the best deal. You can be sure that throughout the process, you are under no obligation to pay us any type of fee. To apply for an easy loan from Money Pig, you need to be a UK citizen, must be working or studying in the UK and must have completed 18 years of age. Unless you fulfill these mandatory requirements, we may have to reject your application for easy loans.

How easy is it to apply for Money Pig’s easy loans?

Money Pig’s easy loans are extremely convenient to apply and are sanctioned after minimal formalities. As these loans are processed through telephonic and online mediums, these are much faster than most other loans which require extensive paperwork. In fact, you may now even apply for an easy loan through a text message. As you may have figured out, technological advancement has helped eliminate the need for personal visit, paperwork and other in-person formalities, which are generally associated with traditional loans. Most modern direct lenders are more than happy to do business with you through phone or online banking.

Our direct lenders often process these loans within a couple of hours, which is incredibly fast. If you have been through other intermediaries or direct lenders, then you’d know that all the ‘instant loans’ take at least a day to process. It is only after this ‘processing period’ that the loan is sanctioned instantly. At Money Pig, we do the processing of your easy loans and sanction the funds within a couple of hours. Since the entire process is carried out over the phone or internet, you can get the loan without making a series of panicky calls or emails.

How does Money Pig process easy loans?

Money Pig likes to keep things simple and hassle-free for its customers, and so, we collect only the relevant information through our application for loan application. This application is available online and you can complete and submit it in a couple of minutes. Once we receive your application, we begin the process by comparing it against proposals from our network of direct lenders.

You must understand that every direct lender has a distinct set of expectations from the borrower, based on which they may or may not minimize the formalities. So, if you have a good credit score and a job that can easily repay the loan amount, then you should have no problems borrowing it. In this case, we connect you with lenders willing to offer you the lowest interest rates on whichever easy loan you wish to borrow. However, if your credit score is questionable, then we still try to find a direct lender with flexible loan approval requirements.

Finally, it is between you and the direct lender, so make it a point to read the loan agreement carefully before accepting its terms and conditions. Look for commercial clauses, with special emphasis on interest rates, repayment and renewal clauses. Once you and the direct lender mutually agree to the terms and conditions, the funds are transferred into your UK bank account.

Can I get a no credit check easy loan from Money Pig?

You should not be looking for a no credit check loan in the UK, because such loans are illegal. In the UK, every lender — whether it is the bank, credit society or a private lender — is under the obligation to run a credit check on the borrower, before advancing loans. However, if you have come this far and are looking for a no credit check easy loan from Money Pig, then there has to be a reason for it. If your reason to do so is a bad credit score, then don’t let that bother you.

The FCA guidelines only make it mandatory for lenders to run credit checks, however, that does not hold them back from lending money irrespective of the credit scores. Nonetheless, we must admit that there are very few direct lenders in the UK, who would be willing to advance easy loans to anyone with average or low credit scores. This is where we come in and make the entire process extremely convenient for you.

Money Pig’s network of direct lenders consists of several leading lending companies and individuals who would be more than happy to do business with you. So, while no credit check easy loan isn’t possible in the UK, we offer loan assistance to those with all types of credit histories.

Can I borrow an easy loan on the same day of applying for it?

Yes, you can borrow quite a few of our easy loans on the same day. As processing these loans requires minimal formalities, our lenders have no problem sanctioning it on the same day. Moreover, with the use of technology, we now offer faster and quicker loan processing and approval. You may not even have to talk to our lenders while borrowing one of our easy loans unless you specifically wish to. Some of the easy loans that can be availed on the same day include short term loans for students, payday loans, cash advance loans and certain other types of short term credits.

Can I get an easy loan with a d credit score?

Yes, Money Pig has no problems sanctioning your loan if you have a bad credit score. Over the years, we have helped thousands of individuals with poor credit scores to avail loans through our network of direct lenders. We can do the same for you.

How easy is it to get one of your easy loans with bad credit?

Your bad credit score could be a result of something you did wrong or something that you missed out on doing. So, whether you picked the wrong credit card or the wrong loan which messed up your finances is irrelevant to us. We do not care about how things got messed up in the past and so, your low credit score does not bother us or our direct lenders.

All we care about is your present and whether you’d be able to repay the loan that you wish to borrow. So, if you’ve been concerned about low credit scores then do away with that and plan a brand new beginning. We are right here to hold your hand through these tough times and shall help you overcome them. However, to allow us to help you and offer you one of our easy loans, you must fill in our application for easy loans and submit it on our website.

We completely understand how dejected you might be feeling after your bank rejected your loan application. Most banks in the UK require you to have a perfect credit score and when things are good, they don’t mind lending you a quick loan. However, as things begin to fall apart and your credit score declines, you get to know how difficult it is to borrow even as little as £3000. During such times, you need a friend that you can count on, and we’d be thrilled to be there for you.

Is online transfer of the loan amount safe?

Money Pig implements advanced and sophisticated cybersecurity measures, and also requires its money lending partners to do the same. This includes the use of HTTPS, digital signatures, secure access, etc… So, you can be confident that we do all that we can to ensure that the online transfer of easy loans is safe. However, you need to be equally careful and make use of secure networks to connect to the internet. Using public WiFi to access your bank’s website or any other website where you put in sensitive personal and financial details, could prove to be risky. In addition to that, you also need to use your personal computer that has an active antivirus and firewall installed in it.

Are easy and quick loans legal in the UK?

Easy loans are designed for your convenience, after complying with the necessary regulations that govern lenders in the UK. Also, our easy loans are advanced by direct lenders who have been into the lending business for decades and hold the necessary licenses. So, you can be absolutely confident about the legality of our easy loans. Plus, since contractual obligation can also arise out of electronic communication, the loan agreement that you enter into with one of our direct lenders, is valid and binding in the UK.

Can I get a long term easy loan?

Our easy loans usually include short term loans that are advanced for a shorter duration. Usually, these are advanced for a period ranging between 3 months and 36 months and for a loan amount under £5000. Nonetheless, if you have an exceptionally good credit score, then our direct lenders should be willing to advance long term loans with fewer formalities. However, our direct lenders are bound to follow the mandatory formalities involved in sanctioning long term loans. This would require longer processing time, as compared to most of our easy loans.

Can I borrow an easy loan to pay for a vacation?

Depending on your occupation, you may borrow a payday loan or a short term loan for students. As you might already know, you can use payday loans for whatever purposes you wish to. The same applies to our short term loans for students. So, yes, you can use these two types of easy loans to pay for a vacation, but we would advise you against it. As these loans charge higher APRs, it would be unwise to borrow them unless you are in the middle of the week and cannot pay for your utilities. Also, these are best when restricted to being used to pay for emergency repairs, etc… Besides higher APRs, the penalties charged for delayed repayment of short term loans are generally higher. So, unless you are in dire need of money, borrowing these loans could mess up your finances.

What are the benefits of getting an easy loan from Money Pig?

Money Pig is a friend that you can count on during tough times when even your very own bank turns you down. The problem with most banks in the UK is that they offer a very low limit on easy loans, which may not be sufficient for you to deal with the situation you are in. However, our direct lenders don’t mind lending up to £5000 through our easy loans, without even meeting you in person. The amount is directly credited to your bank account. So, if your car broke down while on a road trip, we could help you pay for the repairs while you are still there.

Over the years, our easy loans have provided financial relief to thousands of individuals who have been turned down by their banks. Yet another advantage of applying through Money Pig is that you can connect with several direct lenders, through a single loan application. Also, to make things easier, we do the initial assessment of loan offers on your behalf. That allows you to communicate only with those direct lenders that don’t mind advancing you an easy loan, based on your requirement, desired repayment period and current income streams. This can save several hours of searching through the internet and finding lenders that don’t mind lending you money.




What happens in case of non-payment of easy loans?

Before borrowing a loan, you must be doubly sure of your ability to repay it on time, because delayed payment and non-payment can tank your credit scores. Low credit scores continue to haunt you and disqualify you from several perks for at least six years. We know that’s a little too long and unfair, but that’s how it works. Besides, you may also have to pay a fine or a penalty to the direct lender, depending on the terms of your loan agreement.

The penalty could be in the form of a percentage on the principal amount, calculated on a per-day basis or there could be a fixed fee. In case the direct lender offers to calculate the penalty based on the percentage applied to the principal amount, we urge you to try and negotiate a fixed fee. That’s because even if the direct lender charges you a 1% late fee per day on the principal amount, then the final amount could be huge. For a better understanding, let us assume that you borrowed a loan of £100, then your liability for two months of delay shoots up to £161. As the non-repayment and delayed repayment terms and conditions of each of our lenders are different from the other, we recommend that you seek clarity on this before entering into a loan agreement.