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Cash Loans - What You Need To Know Before You Get One!


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Cash loans are one of many types of loans available for borrowers in the UK who are in need of immediate access to cash. With a growing lending industry and more lenders to choose from, there are plenty of options available for anyone who is going through a financial emergency. Due to the nature of this type of loan, it is often referred to as emergency cash loans.

Aside from emergency purposes, cash loans are flexible. Once you gain access to the funds you need, they can be used for whatever personal use you deem fit. You can use it to pay your bills or to cover unexpected expenses at home or car repairs, along with other emergencies. The goal is to get the right amount of cash to survive until you receive your next paycheck or to make ends meet.

In this day and age, it is not uncommon to encounter people with financial struggles. The rising cost of living and the stagnant pay rates have created that discrepancy. More and more people are turning to loans in order to get the cash they need during those unexpected times. If you want to make your life less stressful, taking out cash loans online can remedy your situation. But getting a loan should not be as stressful as it used to be.

With the advent of online lenders in the UK, you can process every step of the loan application from your computer and using the internet. You can submit your requirements and receive your money instantly (once approved).

Some consumers might wonder if taking out a cash loan is worth it. After all, you are adding to your debt. But the reality is, paying overcharge or late fees on your existing debts can be more costly than paying for a new loan. You simply cannot afford to neglect payments of your bills and other debts. A cash loan is a great way to obtain liquidity so you won’t fall too far behind on those payments or expenses. The interest rate on short term loans like this is considerably higher but it is worth it given the convenience and the easy access to money when you need it.

When you choose reputable lenders in the UK, you won’t have to worry about hidden fees or steep charges. Depending on the lender you choose, you can even pay off your debts early without paying a prepayment penalty. This is a great way to clear off your debts when you have extra cash flow. At the same time, you can reduce the amount of interest you pay. As long as you are responsible about handling your payments, you won’t have to worry about the negative effects of a cash loan.

Another distinctive characteristic of cash loans that is similar to short term loans is that the amount you can borrow is limited. It is a short term loan so the amount won’t exceed £5,000 for most lenders. It is, therefore, just a means for you to get by and survive the current financial woes. Once you are approved for the loan, use the money wisely and where you intended for it to be. You have to make the high interest rate count and be diligent in making payments. Try to be realistic in assessing your monthly income and budget. Avoid borrowing more than what you can afford to repay.

When in need of cash loan, loan brokers like Money Pig can provide a quick, simple, and convenient solution. It makes it possible for you to manage life’s little financial surprises without suffering extensively on fees and charges.

Are you in a financial trouble? Cash loans can help you get out of this financial hurdle! At Money Pig, we can point you towards lenders in the UK that offer quick loans for anyone in need of a short amount of cash quickly. If you have more questions about how cash loans work, you can find out more below.

Frequently Asked Questions on Cash Loans

This is a list of the common questions asked in relation to cash loans and how they work. Before you get one, take time to learn more about it.

  1. How do cash loans work?
  2. Can you get a cash loan online?
  3. How fast is online cash loan to process?
  4. How do you choose lenders that offer cash loans?
  5. Can people with bad credit qualify for cash loans?
  6. Do people with bad credit need a guarantor?
  7. Can you get a cash loan fast?
  8. How safe is your data?
  9. Are online cash loans legit?
  10. Do cash loans hurt your credit?
  11. How do you get approved for a cash loan?
  12. What is required for a cash loan?
  13. How much money can you get?
  14. What is the interest rate on cash loans?
  15. Will Money Pig help with cash loans?


How do cash loans work?

Cash loans are one of many types of short-term loans that are available for people in need of immediate cash. This type of loan is ideal for emergency situations because you can get your cash in a short amount of time – from minutes to hours. If you are dealing with an online lender, you can expect fast approval and an equally fast release of funds to your bank account.

This type of loan is designed for short-term financial needs because of the higher interest rate. It is not the same as payday loans in that it must be repaid in one paycheck cycle (from 15 to 30 days) but the repayment period is still relatively short. It is a financial arrangement that is easy to get to even with bad credit due to the growing number of lenders in the UK. But you need to be careful when you want to improve your credit score – your inability to pay the cash loan in time could hurt your credit score. It can also come with stiff penalties and other charges.

Can you get a cash loan online?

There are many lenders in the UK that operate online, which enables them to handle applications in a fast and efficient manner. If you need a quick cash loan, you can also check online UK lenders. They can offer quick cash loans to those in need, especially if the nature of the loan application is urgent. Since these direct lenders operate online, they can send the money you need to your valid bank account within minutes or a few hours.

But as you would expect from a short term loan, this type of loan is charged with a higher interest rate than traditional loans. It is, therefore, important that you borrow only the money that you need. Borrowing too much will mean that you could pay more on the interest rate. If you want to make on-time repayments, you need to know exactly how much you need and how much you can repay.

How fast is online cash loan to process?

Direct lenders provide a wide range of loan types to interested borrowers in the UK. If you are in need of quick cash, this is a good option for you so you can save time in processing your application. Banks are not a good option in this case because they take a generally longer time to process your application. In some cases, the application will take a few days to weeks, depending on the amount you are requesting for.

If you want to get your loan quickly, online lenders are the best option available. On average, the loans can be sent to your account within a few hours to a day. In fact, you can even find ones that provide loans for those with bad credit. If you have met the minimum requirements, you can get the amount you need in as little as an hour.

How do you choose lenders that offer cash loans?

Choosing a lender that can provide you with cash loan is easy but you have to know what to look for. Borrowers with a good credit score have the best options available. But if you have an average to poor credit, your options become limited. People who belong to the latter category are known as high risk borrowers. As a result, your options for lenders who will provide cash loans will be limited.

Experts recommend that you shop around for lenders based on rates but do not use it as your sole factor when choosing. Check if the lender has consumer-friendly features. For example, check which lenders are more forgiving on late payments and what other charges they impose on the loan.

It is also a good idea to find lenders that offer loans for specific purposes. For example, there are lenders who specialize in consolidated debts or bad credit loans. If you choose to work with these lenders, you will greatly improve your chances of finding a suitable loan product for your needs.

When shopping for lenders, you can use the tools of the internet. You can visit the lender’s website and you can determine the amount you qualify for, as well as the rates and terms. But if you want to simplify your search for lenders, then you can use the services of an online loan broker like Money Pig. We have an extensive panel of lenders that we are partnered with. If you are looking for cash loans or any other specific types of loans, we can point you towards them. We will use your information to match it with the services offered by these lenders to ensure that you can increase your chances of successfully getting a loan.

Can people with bad credit qualify for cash loans?

Yes. Credit scores are used by lenders to evaluate the risk factor of each borrower. It is based on a number of factors and can fluctuate based on these factors. But if you have a poor credit, lenders will view you as a risk to their company. They are less likely to approve loans on people with bad credit due to the perceived risk that they are unable to repay the loan.

However, this is no longer true today. Credit scores are just one of many factors used by lenders that offer cash loans to evaluate application. There are different criteria per lender, though, so you might want to search for those who specialize in loans for bad credit. This will improve your chances of getting a loan because they use other factors to evaluate your application aside from the credit score itself. In fact, there are more options now than ever before when it comes to cash loans for people with bad credit.

Do people with bad credit need a guarantor?

People with bad credit might feel hopeless during times of financial crisis. When in need of cash, getting a loan provides a quick relief. But given the poor credit rating, they are not given the same access to the types of loans that those with good credit score have. One of the solutions that lenders have looked into when offering loans to people with bad credit is to find a guarantor.

But as the lending market has gotten more competitive in the UK, this is no longer the case for all. The lenders we work with at Money Pig understand that there are a variety of reasons that could have led to an individual suffering from a bad credit. It could be that the individual has gone through traumatic personal events such as job loss or massive medical bills. As such, there are many lenders in the UK who look past the credit score. Instead, they focus on the present financial situation of an individual and their capacity to pay.

Most lenders in the UK, especially those who are open to working with individuals with bad credit, do not require a guarantor if the amount borrowed is not substantial. This is a relief for anyone who does not want to or cannot find a guarantor. These lenders understand that just because an individual has a poor credit score it does not automatically mean they are risky borrowers. Thus, they are given equal opportunity to apply for a cash loan when needed. But each lender varies in how stringent or loose they are with their application requirements. Make sure you know how to identify the right lender to improve your chances of getting the cash loan you need.

Can you get a cash loan fast?

Yes. A cash loan, especially ones with a small amount, is designed to be fast. Depending on your qualifications, you can get a loan ranging from £50 to £5,000 from a wide range of lenders. As a loan broker, we can help you find lenders who specialize in bad credit applicants and those who need fast cash. The best part is that these lenders are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

If you need fast cash, you can get in touch with us and we can facilitate your needs. You can get approved in minutes to a few hours. You can also get your money within the same day.

How safe is your data?

When you work with a reputable online loan broker like Money Pig, you can rest assured that your personal and financial information is safe. We work with direct lenders in the UK so no one else has access to your information. In addition, our website is fully secured so you can guarantee that they will not be used in an unauthorized manner.

At the same time, the lenders we work with hold the same level of standard as we do when it comes to handling of personal and financial information from our clients. You can guarantee that your data is safe with us.

Are online cash loans legit?

Yes. This is a legitimate loan product that is offered for interested and qualified borrowers. A type of short term loan, cash loans are available from online lenders who would like to have immediate access to cash during emergency situations. This is a legitimate type of loan as long as you obtain them from FCA regulated lenders in the UK.

When you choose to get your loan from UK lenders who are regulated by the FCA, you can ensure that they abide by fair loans policy. You can also ensure that they won’t end up preying on you with ridiculous interest rates.

Do cash loans hurt your credit?

While taking out a loan can affect your credit, it won’t do so negatively unless you are unable to make on-time payments (or default on a loan). Make sure you borrow only the amount you need so you can afford the monthly payments later on. And make it a habit to pay regularly and on time. If you miss payments or delay payments, then that is when cash loans can affect your credit score negatively.

If you want to take out a loan to improve your credit, you have to ensure that you pay it on time. This will boost your credit rating over time.

How do you get approved for a cash loan?

The process of getting approved for a cash loan is similar to that of any other types of loan. You need to meet the minimum requirements set by the lender upon application. Each lender will set a specific set of criteria for which the borrowers must comply with. But aside from your credit score, they will also look into common factors such as your employment status and proof of income. These last two are important (in fact, considered more important by most lenders than credit score) because it means that you have the capacity to pay the loan.

What is required for a cash loan?

To get approved for a cash loan, most lenders will only need basic documentary requirements such as proof of employment and income. A valid bank account is also needed because most online lenders that provide quick cash loan will deposit the money directly to your bank account upon approval. In some cases, the lender will also perform a soft credit check (since this is mandated by the FCA). But you won’t have to worry because this credit check will not hurt your credit score.

How much money can you get?

The average amount of money you can get from cash loans start at £50. The maximum amount you can borrow with is £5,000. The total amount you can get borrow from UK lenders will depend on a combination of factors such as credit score, income, and employment status, among others. You can shop around various lenders who are willing to provide the amount you need. Since there are many lenders to choose from in the UK, you can easily qualify for this type of loan.

What is the interest rate on cash loans?

The interest rates on cash loans are higher than traditional types of loan. Cash loans belong to the short term loan category (since they are processed quickly and repaid over a short period of time). As with any other short term loan, the interest rate will be higher.

To put it simply, a typical loan as an interest rate of 5-7%. With short term loans, the interest rates start at 36%. (or higher depending on several factors). This is not to say that you cannot get competitive rates from lenders who specialize on bad credit loans.

Will Money Pig help with cash loans?

At Money Pig, we can help you get access to all types of loans, and especially cash loans. You do not have to worry if you bad credit because we have an extensive panel of lenders that cater to a wide range of financial needs. We are the top loan broker in the UK because we provide a great selection of lenders that enable us to find the perfect fit for any circumstance or need.

You can get started by providing us your personal and financial information. We will use that information to evaluate which UK lenders would be the best fit for your needs, thus saving you time in your search and improving your chances of successfully getting a loan.